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 Centrifuge for Love

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Centrifuge New Products

Centrifuge allows separating with precision the element for which it was designed, in this case, Love
Centrifuge works as a Love Stimulator

Love, all kinds of it, is a key element in human life. Human beings need to feel love to feel alive, loving impulses move that will lead to multiple feelings.

Love Centrifuge allows to locate all kinds of love.

Centrifuge works as an Perfect Love identifier

In many occasions, our loving impulses confuse and not allow us to enjoy fullness of true love.
Centrifuge lets your feelings of love become totally clear so you can live them with full intensity and knowledge.

Using Centrifuge for Love

You are in the Purifying Golden Cabin, take your shoes off before entering, increases perception.

Access inside, follow these guidelines and let go.
- Tour the Space Environment Stimulator.
- Move to the RED central point.
- Gently turn about yourself.
- Feel the space begins to expand.
- Free your mind.
- Let bring out the love in its true state, waiting for it to get more and more clear and crisp, seat it in your heart.
- Once fixed the love, you're ready to live it.

* This therapy ensures complete privacy, your love is only within you.