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Cold Anguish-Hot Anguish

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Anguish is a state of psychological uneasiness we experience when, fot no reason at all, we are too much concerned about the possibility something dreaded is going to happen to us, something about which we have no control. Something, in case it occurs, we will consider terrible.

Anguish crises cause a great discomfort, changing deeply the sensorial perception and that of our body in the environment,- The intense fear we feel is associated to many of the somatic and cognitive symptoms of anxiety:

Heart palpitations, suffocation or choking, pressures, chest pain, nausea, unsteadiness, dizzines or fainting, feeling of de realization -unreality- or depersonalization, fear of losing control or going crazy, fear of passing out whit cold chills  and burning skin sensations

Living in the anguish I have identified two types: The Cold and the Hot. I have wanted to give them shape to share them whit you:

COLD ANGUISH: I identify it with the fear of the future, the huge, the unknown, the infinity. It invades the whole of the body and leaves it unprotected against the immensity. It is grey, Flesh colour of Cold Anguish
It is inspired in experiences of cold: The life in Oslo, the ex-prison  of Ushuaia, The voyage in the Glacier National Park in El Calafate, Norkapp in Norway.

HOT ANGUISH: I identify it with the fear of the known, to concrete, to what has been lived as terrible. Its points of concentration are placed in the entrails. It is orange, Flesh color of Hot Anguish
It is inspired in the experiences of heat: The life in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Sahara desert in the south of Tunez, the red sand of the desert, the sun.

Today you can enter the anguish. You stay inside them for at least 3 minutes, until the cold and the heat became visible on your face, your neck and your hands. Touch its surface.