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 Longing for Sun Machine

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The Sun is the center of the planetary system to which we belong. It is a symbol represented from the beginning of time, which aroused the interest of all cultures. Without verbal communication, drawing a sun is a message of warmth.

The Sun is a desired point, revered, felt like something far away, impossible to achieve. We feel the desire to bring it to us, to possess all his strength and energy to revitalize.

Longing for Sun wants to materialize this universal desire, the chance to feel the unattainable, to be closer to the sun, feel its light and heat.

Longing for Sun is a machine consisting of a heating and a light circuits, which allows the user placed at its midpoint to feel heat and light on its face and nape.

INDICATION: Longing for Sun is suitable for places where sunlight is scarce and people may need extra solar energy.

Enter the SUN area, surrender to the power of yellow, approach the central point and let yourself be caressed by the light and heat of the SUN