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Travel Anguish

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Man has always wanted to travel  to suit his need of knowledge, always seeking to broaden his horizons to satisfy his curiosity. Nowadays the possibility of setting off is immediate as so are unlimited offers.

Today I offer you the possibility of travelling with distress.

Three Spaces of Bedroom in an Intense Colour suitcase
COLD DISTRESS                                HOT DISTRESS                            LOVE ANTIDOTE

COLD DISTRESS: Stimulator of distress crises with cold effect. Perfect to be used in cold and extremely cold places.
It causes fear of the future, the immensity, the unknown, the infinite. It invades the whole body and leaves it unprotected against the immensity

HOT DISTRESS: : Stimulator of distress crises with hot effect. Perfect to be used in warm and extremely hot places.
It causes fear of the known, the concrete, what has been lived or imagined as terrible. Its merging points are placed in the entrails, especially in the stomach and in the heart.

LOVE: Antidote against distress crises

How to use it:
Travel, preferably alone, to the chosen place and stay in a hotel
Stimulation occurs in the oneiric phase. Before going to sleep, place the distress you want to excite close to you, on the bedside table, on the floor, under the be, sleep with it. Choose the point of the hotel room you find the closest mentally. Throughout the days you choose the bedroom that concentrates the distress will be your actual bedroom. While you sleep, the distress shall be there, it shall be installed inside you so that you can live it. Along the days it goes whit you following your trip preferences.

Travel distress is a unique experience for every traveler.

Used to cause emotional imbalance, needed on some occasions to reach hidden areas of ourselves. Specially recommended in times of existential doubts.