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Capsules IT

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I would like to introduce you in IT capsule, your totally Individual Therapy. I suggest you design your own Therapeutic Space according to your preferences and needs, going through a rigorous questionnaire that combines psychology and colour.

IT capsule is the first Therapeutic Product that can be designed by its user making of it their perfect place of evasion

IT capsule works as your own wellness resort, a perfect place to fulfill your wishes. All this is possible thanks to the total control you have on your IT capsule: customized design of your own

The model IT capsule is a room scale model that combines purifying tour (1), bed in therapeutic bedroom (2) and toilet unit with a little pool whit direct access from the bedroom (3). Ideally designed for an Individual Therapy thought its total isolation.

The Therapy point is located in the bed in the middle of the bedroom space. You choose the colour of the bed and the bedroom space but keep the purifying green tour and toilet unit.

How to use it?
IT capsule is a real place to which you access mentally. Think of the place it would take in your living space to ensure a complete therapeutic effect.

The fact of being created and acquired by you makes it form part of your life. Its advanced design and reduced size make it perfect for mental access: you can use it whenever you want. You only have to recall it as it installed in your memory.
Fill in the following questionnaire so that we can construct your own IT capsule. The questionnaire has two parts: to analyze your personal situation and choose the colours. If you think the answer of the first part are too personal, you cannot answer them and go straight on the choice of colour. However, I must tell you that the information of the first part is very important to efficiently combine personal information and colour.


Questionnaire IT