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Hotel Therapy Room. HOTR

To travel has been always linked to the evolution of human beings, allowing a wealth of knowledge and experience. The mode of traveling has evolved with human life and now the possibility of starting a journey is immediate and the offers unlimited. Any trip can be imagined and achieved, including the long awaited space travel but still within reach of very, very few people.

On the journey we have to move our bodies and find accommodation for them at the place of destination, the hotel is the place to get security for the night. For this reason, the hotel room is presented as an ideal place for therapy. Our body and especially our mind undergo alterations in the travel process, and we can use these changes to influence issues that interest us. In this case, the dream state will work on our subconscious and the therapy will be more effective.

HOTR offers several work opportunities:

1 – To design a trip with a purpose. Organize the trip suitable for therapy, designing a model of pre-trip and traveling with it.

2 – To design hotel rooms in different places to carry out therapies:
2.1. - Working with a scale model of the hotel room. This model will be transformed to each guest for a specific purpose. Its operation is based on mental access to the model with respect to the occupied space.
2.2-Transforming directly the hotel room to live and experience a particular therapy.

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