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Cold Machines

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Since 2006 the research field of Monica Alonso is the temperature and the impact that their variations can have on the human psyche, showing particular attention to the artistic expressions derived from heat and cold. Considering the theory of Emile Durkheim in his book Suicide. Study of Sociology (1897), in which extreme temperatures favor the mental alienation.

Temperature is, whit food, drink, sex, playing or dreaming, one of these primitive pleasures for human being guarantees survival. If we change temperature, we are forcing a change in their most primary equilibrium. Extreme temperatures, whichever they are, encourage mental alienation. Seasonal temperature contrast appears like one of the cosmic factors that affect mental derangement.

The cold machines are an investigation exercise about the psychology of cold, which take us to death, but also preserves life, with describes the emotional condition of coldness, off indifference. A presentation of cold's colours, blue, black, grey, glacier electric blue. Cold is a consideration of the total environment, outside cold, inside cold, twice disgusting

Cold, Shiver, Coldness, are corner modeled structures waiting for human presence to blow cold air on their napes, faces and backbones. and them make them shiver
Shiver and Coldness are cold surfaces whit condense into liquid state, presenting coldness in life.

NOTE: Cold Machines are indicated to stimulate adverse emotional states that lead us to experience feelings associated annoying cold. Cold Machines can be used in both cold places or in places of heat, although its optimal effect is achieved when the surrounding environment is cold.