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 Body Stabilizers

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Our physical and emotional welfare depends on the right balance in our body.

The sun is the primary source of life and balance. The use of this energy source is of great importance for the human being who looks for bringing it towards himself. The blazing sun coming through the hole zenith of The Pantheon of Rome in the summer solstice, and that only takes a few minutes, is wanted by the people to provide the energy and balance throughout all the year. From this natural experience I have designed for you The Body Stabilizers, Regenerative blue and Energetic green

I grow organic shapes, that emit enhancer light, to be used throughout all the year. A light path that the user can go whenever he/she wants, using its stabilizing and regenerating qualities.

Body stabilizer-regenerator blue. The energetic power of the blue light has a regenerative effect. Blue is the color of the ethereal, of infinity, eternity. The impact on your entire body acts as total regenerator.

Body stabilizer--energetic green. The potential of the green light has an energizing effect. The blue receives the yellow sun to materialize in the force of nature. The green of the chlorophyll, nature in full vividness, falls on all of your body giving you extra energy that enhances your inner power

Its small size allows a perfect use at home..