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Current Bedroom Therapy. CBT

Our bedroom is a very important space in our life. We spend hours sleeping, in this time we need to be sure that nothing and no one will take advantage of our vulnerability. All of us have what we consider our bedroom and to which we return each night to feel safe in our bed. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and concentrates a great symbolism, not just picks us to sleep, is the means to the world of dreams and the subconscious, is the place not only of rest, relaxation, sex, but also of the disease.

Considering the great importance of the bedroom space in our lives, with their physical and psychological impact, a great part of our welfare depends on its proper harmony. The big domain that the architectural space design has on our lives makes the configuration of the bedroom space does not correspond to our needs in many cases.

CBT is specially designed to address any problem that we consider depends on the settings of your current bedroom. By acting on it we will be acting on our well-being. CBT can be also used in insomnia or hypersomnia processes.

Complementarily, you can also do Room for Children Therapy

CBT offers 3 possibilities to work:
1 - Understand better yourself and the bedroom you occupy.
2 - Build a scale model of your bedroom so that you can modify and make the mental access.
3 - Directly transform your bedroom to respond to your needs..

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Current-Bedroom Therapy Questionnaire. CBT


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