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Spatial and Chromatic Percepcion in Humans

Psychospace is a recent research theory conducted by me that seeks to relate architectural space and psychology through the spatial and chromatic perception. The space learned throughout our life is present in the adults and influences their preferences. From the knowledge of these preferences, information can be obtained on the perception of the individual and the community to which he/she belongs. This information can be used for the design of spaces and objects for a specific purpose.

There are a number of common concepts to humans that have guided their life, in example, the pursuit of happiness. At least since Aristotle, the pursuit of happiness has multiple interpretations on the convenience of their achievement. At modern times we find for example the Positive Psychology that seems to have solved the equation of happiness that helps humans to be 40 % happier than the baseline.

The research presented here includes not only the location of the happiness but also of the unhappiness, pain, pleasure, the infinite, the now, life, death, etc.. To know about the color you feel each of these concepts will allow me to create spaces and objects suitable for a specific purpose in order to use these for our daily life processes.

This is the essence of psychospace, to achieve a greater understanding of the combination of psychology, space and color. To get this information I have designed a questionnaire that pretends to be applied to people from different parts of the world and cultures. Getting the color of happiness, and unhappiness, is a challenge that would greatly expand its coveted knowledge. The same applies to other opposites concepts investigated: pleasure-pain, life and death, infinity-now, etc.. 


It will involved a number of people that be randomly given the questionnaire, men and women over 16 years.

Due to the complexity of the questionnaire, a period of reflection may be required to be covered; this time will be provided to the respondent that after explaining the project, a date to collect it will be arranged.

I will select native people for the distribution and administration of the questionnaire, seeking for the greatest social integration as possible and covering a wide spectrum of the population.

Once the interview is performed, the responses (variables of study) will be introduced in a database and a descriptive statistical analysis will be done to assess the psychological qualities of colors in order to apply their knowledge in the design of all types of spaces and objects for a specific purpose.

Questionnaire SCPH