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Open is presented to you in the broadest sense, open up the deep knowledge of yourself and your place in the world. All knowledge options are possible: to discover what is closed or hidden, to display inside, to open a door, to communicate, to make way for the closed, to accept what you have in your hands.

Open is a bedroom scale model with four doors at the corners, which opens your physical and mental life. The 4 bedroom access corridors represent 4-way journey to yourself, you choose the way you want to work. You can choose the number of routes you open. Relating psychology and color, each path to the bedroom (1,2,3,4), the bedroom (5) and the bed (6) will have the color that suits to your needs.

You decide what you want to work through the questionnaire designed specifically for the therapy. You cover the questionnaire, I make an assessment and both have an interview to make the Open construction decisions.


Questionnaire Open