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 Centrifuge for Fantasies

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Centrifuge New Products

Centrifuge allows separating with precision the element for which it was designed, in this case, Fantasies.

Centrifuge works as a Own Fantasies Stimulator.

A great part of our lives is based on our illusions, if we could make real one of them we would probably be amazed at the great life satisfaction we get.

Fantasies Centrifuge makes real this desire.

Centrifuge works as an Perfect Fantasies identifier.

Our imagination often confuses and does not allow us to clearly recognize our most intense desires.

Centrifuge lets your fantasy become completely clear in your mind, so, once located you can do it.

Using Fantasies Centrifuge

You are in the Purifying Golden Cabin, take your shoes off before entering, increases perception.

Access inside, follow these guidelines and let go.
- Tour the Space Environment Stimulator.
- Move to the PINK central point.
- Gently turn about yourself.
- Feel the space begins to rotate around you.
- Free your mind.
- Let your imagination bring out more intense, wait for it to get more and more sharp and clear, settle down it in your memory.
- Once fixed the fantasy in your mind you are ready to carry it out

* This therapy ensures complete privacy, your fantasies are only inside you.