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Hot Machines

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Since 2006 the research field of Monica Alonso is the temperature and the impact that their variations can have on the human psyche, showing particular attention to the artistic expressions derived from heat and cold. Considering the theory of Emile Durkheim in his book Suicide. Study of Sociology (1897), in which extreme temperatures favor the mental alienation.

Mónica Alonso creates works that she defines "Therapeutic Spaces", whose function is to locate and transplant the typical human pleasures and instincts in order to transform them in artistic pleasures, though a process named "Transplant based on the location of essences and instinct of the human being". The instincts and the essences whit she has developed until now are manifold, as love, fancy, beauty, pleasure, madness, the infinite and suicide.

Temperature is, whit food, drink, sex, playing or dreaming, one of these primitive pleasures for human being guarantees survival. If we change temperature, we are forcing a change in their most primary equilibrium. Extreme temperatures, whichever they are, encourage mental alienation. Seasonal temperature contrast appears like one of the cosmic factors that affect mental derangement.

The heat machines are a psychology research on heat. The heat of passion, burning inside, anger, excitement, and alteration. Heat Machines were designed for the exhibition "Heat" which took place in 2008 in the gallery Tiziana Di Caro in Salerno. Seizing the moment of exposure, July and August for optimal heat perception outside environment, heat machines in exhibition space.
Heat, are modeled in corner cases awaiting human presence to send hot air directly to the neck, face, spine and body heat cause machines orange and red colors.

The heat obtained is physically and emotionally. The emotional part is linked to disturbances of passion, ardor, rage, excitement.

NOTE: Heat Machines are indicated to stimulate described emotional states and generate heat in cold places. Heat Machines can be used in both cold places or in places of heat, although its optimal effect is achieved when the surrounding environment is heat.