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Traveling has always been a knowledge need for humans, that look for expanding horizons to satisfy their curiosity. At present, the possibility of starting a journey is immediate and the offers unlimited.

Today I offer you the opportunity to travel with imbalance

Two models of bed in an Intense Flesh Colour suitcase

Equilibrium Bed: blue bed with cradle form. Rocker that rocks sleep and carry us back to the childhood protecting dreams . A bed that activates dreams in balance, harmonics, which structure our inner stability.

Imbalance Bed: crazy yellow bed. Adult bed with a rocker on the side. This rocking movement rocks the sleep in a undulating resting, dizzying, impossible. A Bed that activates imbalance dreams that alter our inner stability.

The two beds are a perception set: the possession of the two beds allows to imagine the rest in the other and to combine the feeling of imbalance sleeping in balance and vice versa. Resting between the two promotes the construction of an intermediate state which triggers a productive activity inside us.

How to use them:
Start a travel, preferably alone, stay at a hotel.

Use the bed in the hotel room, as a real medium for the therapy application. Get out the suitcase beds, familiarize yourself with its movement. Lie down on the hotel bed and displays the appropriate points to place the beds in a mentally accessible place. Place the beds. You can also leave them in the suitcase in controlled stimulation mode. When you decide, lie down on the hotel bed and start to sleep while looking to the beds and imagining your position inside them. Sleep. Repeat this process every night to last the journey. During the day, go to the places you've decided to visit following your travel preferences.

Travel imbalance is an unique experience for every traveler.

To cause emotional imbalance, sometimes necessary to reach depths of our inner plots . Especially suitable in times of existential questions .